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Author guidelines


The journal ”Genetičnì resursi roslin”(Plant Genetic Resources) is issued by National Centre for Plant Genetic Resources of Ukraine, Plant Production Institute nd. a. V.Ya. Yuriev of NAAS. The journal publishes theoretical, analytical, experimental, problematical and methodological papers  on  plant genetic resources by the following directions:

  • Introduction (theoretical grounds and outcomes);
  • Creation, study and use of the collections (principles, methods, results);
  • Identification of sources and donors of valuable traits (methods and results);
  • Plant gene pool accessions and collections use (directions and results of their use in breeding, research, production, educational, ecological, social and other programs);
  • Plant genepool accessions identifying (principles, methods, results);
  • Information provision (information systems, genebanks data bases, information exchange, programming, etc.);
  • Plant genetic resources conservation (in situ, on farm and ex situ collections);
  • Analitical papers on the problems of plant genetic resources and their use;
  • Information (reports on foreign trips, symposia, conferences, collecting missions, grand events personage etc.);
  • Registration of plant collections and gene pool accessions;
  • Communication page.


The papers in Ukrainian, Russian, English are admitted. The volume of experimental papers with  all materials is 8-10 pages, review – up  to 15 pages.

The text of experimental papers should consist of some sections: «INTRODUCTION», «MATERIALS, METHODS AND CONDITIONS », «RESULTS AND DISCUSSION», «CONCLUSIONS», «REFERENCES».

The section «INTRODUCTION» includes a setting of problem in common review and it connection with actual scientific or practical tasks, short analysis  of last publications and publications in which the decision  of the problem is started, emphasizing of specific undecided questions which are in the focus of this paper, a formulation of the paper aims.

The section «MATERIALS, METHODS AND CONDITIONS » includes information about the object of investigations (with designation of Latin names of plants and authors of classifications), meteorological conditions when describing the field researches, methods of researches carrying and statistical analysis. 

The section «RESULTS AND DISCUSSION» includes receiving research results and identified regularities, which  derive from the received data, reasonable interpretation of the results compared with the conclusions of other researchers.

The section «CONCLUSIONS» includes reasonable generalizations of the results and the prospects of future researches in this direction.

The section «REFERENCES» is formed according to DSTU 8302: 2015, includes the list of used sources in order of citation. There are surnames and initials of authors in original transcription, the title of the paper, title of the journal or the book and further: for periodical editions - the year of publication, volume, number of periodical edition, the first and the last pages; for non-periodical editions: the place of publication, the title of publishing house, the year of edition, the common quantity of pages, DOI index, if available. When the article is in Ukrainian or in Russian references list is repeated in the section «REFERENCES» which is followed by the section "SPYSOK LITERATURY". In the section «REFERENCES» the title of the article is written in English and other bibliographic information, including names and initials - in English transliteration. The references are based on the CSE (CBE) system.

The text is began by UDC index. Further – names and initials of authors (uppercase type), the name of organization, it post address and e-mail (12 pt), the title (uppercase fat type 14 pt). Under the annotation there is an abstract in paper language (in the middle 120 words). Abstracts should contain the rationale, goals, methods, results, and their meaning or scope of application. Be specific. Identify the crops or organisms involved, the soil type, chemicals, and other details that are pertinent to the results. Under the abstract  are key words list (to 10, italic type). Further there is a text of article (12 pt). References cited are in the squire brackets in the text. The plants names under first mentions are in paper language and Latin (italic type) with  author denotation (common type), for example: Emmer wheat subspecies Ethiopian ( Triticum dicoccum (Schrank) Schuebl subsp.abyssinicum Vav.). After the next mention of this taxon paper name or Latin are used (the genus name is written short, the authors names is not given), for example: Emmer wheat subspecies Ethiopian or T. dicoccum subsp. abyssinicum are used. The cultivar names are written with capital letter in original language or with transliteration, for example: soybeen cultivar Lambert, rye cultivar Сибирская крупнозерная (Sibirskaia krupnoziornaia). The tables are printed in the text  with  appropriate numbers and names. The figures are printed in the text with  appropriate numbers and names. The figure is published in the special sheets in the case of necessity of detailed reviews.

In the end of the paper, there are abstracts in Russian (if the article has been written in Ukrainian) and in English. If an article is in Russian or English, an abstract in Ukrainian is obligatory at the end of the article (mandatory for citizens of Ukraine).In the abstracts are names and initials of authors, the name of organization, it post address and E-mail, the title (uppercase type), the initials text (not less then 1800 characters, in the middle 300 words), the list of key words (12 pt). These abstracts contain chapters, each written with no paragraph indentation, namely: Tsel' (Aim), Rezul'taty i obsuzhdenye (Results and discussion), Vyvody(Conclusions). Section titles is in bold.

The paper is provided in two copies printed on A4 size paper, one of them is signed by authors, accompanied by a review and expert opinion on the possibility of publication. The article, if it is submitted from state or private institution, should be accompanied by special letter.  The text in electronic form is given on СD, DVD or by e-mail (pgr-ncpgru@ukr.net). The text is given in doc file type (MS Word 97 and higher), Times New Roman type, single line spacing, with the margins: the left one is 2.25 cm, the right one- 2 cm, the upper and the bottom ones – 2 cm.

On a separate sheet of paper the information on the author(s) (name, surname, position, scientific degree, ORCID, addresses for correspondence, telephone numbers, cells) is given.

The article, which is sent to the editorial office, is registrated and transmitted to the scientific reviewer. When there are remarks, authors receive the paper for correction. The correct copy is returned to editorial office within 15 days.

 The editorial board reserves the right to reject the papers not corresponding to the theme and requirements of the journal not corrected after reviewing or not in a timely manner returned after correction.

The papers should be sent to the address:

The Editorial office of the journal ”Genetičnì resursi roslin”(Plant Genetic Resources)

National Centre for Plant Genetic Resources of Ukraine

Plant Production Institute nd. a.V.Ya.Yuriev of NAAS

142 Moskovskyi Ave., Kharkiv, 61060, Ukraine