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ISSN 2413-2314 (Online),

 ISSN 2309-7345 (Print) 

The journal “Genetičnì resursi roslin (Plant Genetic Resources)” is issued by the National Centre for Plant Genetic Resources of Ukraine, Plant Production Institute nd. a. V. Ya. Yuriev of National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine (NAAS) since 2004. National Centre for Plant Genetic Resources of Ukraine (NCPGRU) – is an organizational structure that is part of the Plant Production Institute nd. a. V. Ya. Yuriev of NAAS provides scientific guidance and coordination of the formation and maintenance of the National Plant genebank of Ukraine.

The journal is intended for researchers in the field of genetic resources and plant breeding. The journal publishes theoretical, analytical, experimental, problematical and methodological papers  on  plant genetic resources by the following directions: introduction, creation of the collections, identification of sources and donors of valuable traits, using plant genepool samples and collections, identifying plant genepool accessions; information provision; plant genetic resources conservation (in situon farmand ex situ); analitical papers on the problems of plant genetic resources and their using; information about foreign trips, symposia, conferences, collecting missions, grand events, personage etc.; information about registration of plant genetic resources collections and accessions.

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