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Plant Production Institute named after V. Ya. Yurіev of NAAS





Goal. The isolation from the genetic diversity of spring bread wheat sources of resistance to the most harmful diseases and pests, to select references of resistance levels manifestation and to form a working trait collection of samples of this culture with individual, group and complex resistance.

Materials and methods. During five years of 2011-2015,the immunological evaluation of 343 samples of the spring bread wheat gene pool originated from 19 countries was carried out using infectious (septoriosis, hard smut) and provocative (powdery mildew, leaf rust, larvae of flies) backgrounds. The standards of susceptibility were: to septoria – CMSA02M00363S, to powdery mildew – Scent 3, to brown leaf rust – Snowhite 476, to bunt– ICW84-0008-013AP-300. The accounting of plant damage and the determination of the samples resistance were carried out according to the generally accepted phytopathological and entomological methods and scales.

Results and discussion. Four sources of complex resistance to diseases and pests are identified; 51 – of group and 19 – of individual resistance to diseases, on the basis of which a working collection is formed, which includes 74 samples from 11 countries. Nine samples of domestic origin which are sources of resistance are registered in the NCPGRU: L 683-12, L 685-12, NAK 181-p / 11, NAK 184-p / 11, Gordynya, Phyto 14/08, Phyto 16/08, Phyto 29/08, Phyto 33/08. There have been identified Four sources of complex resistance to diseases and pests of which Rubli and Wakanz combined resistance to fly larvae with resistance to three diseases; Tomiris – to septoria, Granite – to leaf rust; 51 source of group and 19 individual resistance to diseases that are included in the work collection. Resistance to the three diseases displayed: to bunt, leaf rust and septoriosis - Phyto 33/08, Phyto 14/08, Phyto 29/08, Phyto 16/08, L 683-12, Sibakovskaya jubileynaya; to powdery mildew, leaf rust and septoriosis - Aktsent, Panyanka, Zuzuk, Uralosibirskaya, Sonata, Lutescens 13, Aestina, Multi 6R, Saturn. Among the samples with group resistance to diseases, there are identified carriers of early ripeness - Cheremshina; increased yields - Panyanka, Omskaya krasota, Omskaya 41, Chernozemnuralskaya 2, NAK 184-p/11, L683-12, L685-12; large seed – Panyanka, Omskaya krasota. 21 samples have been identified as standards of levels of resistance to diseases and intra–stem pests. Based on the identified standards and resistance sources, a working collection on complex resistance to diseases and pests, group and individual resistance to diseases was formed and registered; it consists of 74 samples originating from 11 world countries. Use of this collection helps to increase the efficiency of breeding of spring bread wheat for resistance to diseases and pests.


Keywords:spring bread wheat, gene pool, diseases, pests, resistance, sources, collection.