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Goal.The main purpose of this article was to reveal benefits of apomixis as a breeding method to shorten the process of creating varieties, to fix heterosis and increase seed productivity of late-ripening varieties.

            Results and Discussion. The article describes the advantages of apomictic methods of breeding. First of all, we perfected apomixis method and proved advantages of this method over classical heterosis hybrid breeding. Apomixis became an effective method for solving a number of issues in tobacco breeding. Thus, after dialel crossing we conducted a detailed analysis of combinations, assessed quantitative traits and selected those that were characterized by high heterosis effect. Of 36 combinations, 7 combinations were chosen, and heterosis effect was fixed through apomixis induction by crossing with wild form of tobacco. As a result of apomixis induction, we achieved A1segregation and constancy in A2 generation. We distinguished apomictic hybrids Zhovtolystnyy 36 x Berley 9/10 and Spectr x Berley 9/10 with high stable productivity parameters, which will be subsequently entered in the Register of Plant Varieties of Ukraine.

            Conclusions. The application of apomixis in tobacco breeding contributes to reduction of breeding process, fixation of heterosis effect, identification of new and rare microtraits in tobacco as well as direct use of mutants with a complex of valuable features as economically valuable source material. Upon creation of new varieties without substantial modification of this material, it shortens the breeding process by 4-6 years and enables fixing the “high resistance to diseases” feature and heterosis effect as well as transferring sterile forms on fertile basis if necessary. The evaluation of A1 and A2 generations singled out apomictic hybrids Zhovtolystnyy 36 x Berley 9/10 and Spectr x Berley 9/10, which had high productivity features, were highly resistant to diseases and are recommended for further trials and inclusion in the State Register of Plant Varieties of Ukraine. 


tobacco, varieties, apomixis, A1 segregation, A2 constancy, performance