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Plant Production Institute named after V. Ya. Yuriev of NAAS, Institute of Rice of NAAS


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Viability of rice (Orysa sativa L.) seeds accessions: subsp. japonica: var. italica, var. nigro-apiculata, var. subvulgaris; subsp. indica, var. mutica and var. fortuna was analised. The seed accessions were grown in the southern steppe of Ukraine and then stored at 4°C and −20°C. According to the research results, it is established that rice seeds in favorable cultivation years are able to maintain the original germination without significant changes for 10 years and longer with 6-8% moisture content even at 4°C storage temperature. There were no differences of rice seeds longevity of the same accessions stored at 4°C and −20°C. Differences of rice seed longevity of subsp. japonica and subsp. indica are discussed.


rice, gene pool, seeds, longevity, moisture content, temperature, subspecies, subspecies, variety