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Plant Production Institute nd. a. V.Ya. Yuriev of NAAS National Center for Plant Genetic Resources of Ukraine


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Seed longevity of 76 spring barley gene pool samples (Hordeum vulgare L. subsp. distichon, convar. distichon: 56 nutans Schubl., two deficience (Steud.) Koern., two erectum Rode ex Shuebl., two medicum Koern.; convar. nudum (L.) A.Trof.: one nudum L. та subsp. vulgare: convar. vulgare: nine pallidum Ser., three rikotense Regel.; convar. coeleste (L.) A.Trof.: one coeleste (L.) A.Trof.) from 26 countries, 11 years and four places of reproduction was analyzed. Seeds with 5–8% moisture content were stored in chamber with unregulated and 4oC temperature. The possibility of seed storage under these conditions for at least 10 years without significant changes in germination has been established. The importance of meteorological conditions in the formation and ripening of seeds for their longevity is confirmed. The relationship between the decrease of barley seeds longevity and storage conditions, amount of rainfall, temperature regime during the growing season of plants is discussed.


barley, seeds, storage, durability, temperature, moisture, gene pool