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Plant Production Institute nd. a. V.Ya. Yuryev of NAAS





Goal. The study objective was to evaluate soft-seeded accessions for valuable components of spike performance, confectionery properties and to form a trait collection by grain hardness and confectionery properties.

Results and Discussion. To form a trait collection by grain hardness, the test material was first differentiated by its texture. The best (in terms of yield capacity and a set of valuable economic features) accessions of the test material belonged mainly to bread wheat. However, analyzing eco-geographical diversity of the test material, we identified a number of soft-seeded forms with valuable levels expression of some components of spike performance. To improve the complex value of confectionery forms and to enrich the soft winter wheat collection with new, more valuable biscuit accessions, we crossed soft-seeded accessions with accessions with harder grain. The soft-seeded lines obtained were also included in the trait winter bread wheat collection. Starting material with a set of valuable economic features is of the highest breeding value. Trait collections offer more opportunities to create new, more valuable in terms of a set of traits material. In 2011-2013, studying soft-seeded winter bread wheat, we identified sources with high levels of expression of spike performance components: the spikelet number per spike – VS 2367-11 (UKR); Astella, Malyska, Zerda (SVK); the grain number per spike – VS 2367-11, S 1662-12, VS 2653-11 (UKR); Kondor, Astella, Malyska, Zerda, Arida (SVK); Goncha (TKM); high grain weight per spike – S 1662-12, VS 2367-11, L 137-26-0-2, VS 2653-11 (UKR); Goncha (TKM); Zerda, Kondor, Astella, Arida, Malyska (SVK); Trane (DEU); grain plumpness – VS 2664-11, S 2631-11, L 137-26-0-2, VS 2367-11, S 2171-11, SL3051-08, VS 2653-11, L 06KH (UKR); TM – 04 (RUS); Malyska, Arida, Eva, Ignis, Rada, Stanislava, Astella, Zerda, Solara (SVK); Stealth (CAN); MV Hombar (HUN); Trane (DEU); AC Mackinnon (CAN). In addition, we selected a number of valuable sources of confectionery properties: cookie diameter – Webster, Wisdom, Warwik (CAN); MV Hombar (HUN); cookie thickness – L 06KH (UKR); cookie parameters (D/T) – L 137-26-0-2 (UKR); Warwik (CAN); cookie surface – Білява, Оксана, L 06KH (UKR); MV Hombar (HUN); Webster, Stealth, Warwik, Wisdom (CAN). Several reference accessions of high levels of expression of spike performance components were distinguished: the spikelet number per spike – Astella (SVK); the grain number per spike – Kondor (SVK); high grain weight per spike – Zerda (SVK); grain plumpness – Malyska (SVK). The reference accessions of low levels of expression of the following traits were: of grain weight per spike - Emmit (CAN); of grain plumpness – Asta (CZE). We selected several reference accessions of high manifestation levels of confectionery properties: cookie diameter  – Webster (CAN); cookie thickness – L 06KH (UKR); cookie parameters (D/T) – L 137-26-0-2 (UKR); cookie surface - Білява (UKR), and comprehensive standard low-level manifestations of cookies diameter thickness and characteristics (D/T) TM – 04 (RUS). The selected sources and reference accessions of winter bread wheat are valuable starting material for creating new high-yielding forms for biscuit use.

Conclusions. The  staring material tested in 2010-2013 became a basis for the formation of the trait collection of winter bread wheat by grain hardness and confectionary properties. Investigating spike performance components and confectionery properties, we expanded and greatly enriched the diversity of the above-mentioned collection. The collection includes 69 accessions that are differentiated by 27 traits and 108 levels of their expression (Certificate No 235 dated 12.02.2016). The collection accessions come from 15 countries. It is a valuable starting material for the creation of new, high-yielding soft-seeded accessions with a set of valuable economic parameters. The genetic diversity of reference accessions of various levels of expression of these traits allowed identifying differentiators that are valuable for work both with both starting and with breeding material.  


collection, winter bread wheat, starting material, grain hardness, spike performance, confectionary properties, source, reference accession