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Plant Production Institute nd. V.Ya. Yuriev NAAS





Goal. The goal was to study the genetic diversity of bread winter wheat in terms of resistance to leaf diseases, to determine sources of resistance, to select standards and to form a working collection of winter wheat accessions with group resistance to leaf diseases.

Results and Discussion. To orderly and efficiently use sources and donors of resistance, creation and enrichment of existing collections as well as registration of new starting material is a necessary step. In the multiyear research (2007-2014), 879 winter wheat collection accessions from different countries were characterized for resistance to leaf diseases: leaf blotch, powdery mildew, brown rust. 24 sources of group resistance were selected. They made up a basis for a working collection of bread winter wheat by resistance to disease. The largest number of accessions in the working collection is from Ukraine (11); the rest are from the United States (3), Germany (2), Belarus (2), Russia (2), Greece (1), Czech Republic (1), Romania (1) and Iran (1). Seven collection accessions are lines created in the Laboratory of Plant Immunity to Diseases and Pests through hybridization and repeated selections on infectious and provocative backgrounds. Five of them were registered with the NCPGRU and certificated: L-829-10, UA 0108040, Certificate No 00 824 dd 25.03.2011; L-831-10, 0108036 UA, UKR Certificate No 00 825 dd 25.03.2011; L-833-10, 0108037 UA, UKR Certificate No 00826 dd 25.03.2011; L-924-10, 0108038 UA, UKR Certificate No 00 827 dd 25.03.2011; L-981-10, 0108040 UA, UKR Certificate No 00 828 dd 25.03.2011. Two lines (L-808/10 and L-832/10) were assigned the National Directory numbers: UA0108131 and UA0108132, respectively, and packed for storage. The majority of collection accessions are characterized by group resistance to three pathogens (resistance score 7-9): powdery mildew, brown rust and Septoria leaf blotch. Accessions  833/10, 924/10, 808/10, 832/10, OR961474, and Crimson are only resistant to Septoria leaf blotch and brown rust, and accessions N74 / 90-245, Meritto, Kornet, Zarytsia - to Septoria leaf blotch and powdery mildew. In addition to group resistance to diseases, accessions of the working collection are noticeable for high levels of other valuable economic traits. Most varieties exceede the standard or are on its level by overwintering and productive stem density (score 8-9). Varieties ‘Yavorina’, ‘Zagrava Odeska’, ‘Vіlshana’, ‘Meritto’, ‘Shariar’, and ‘Agra’ are distinguished by high scores of the both parameters. Varieties ‘Meritto’ and ‘Nikifor’ significantly exceede the standard by yield capacity. The multiyear research (2009-2014) identified accessions-standards of resistance to leaf diseases with different levels of trait expression, which were also included in the working collection. These accessions-standards will contribute to successful and reliable identification of accessions by resistance to leaf diseases and head smut.

Conclusions. Thus, over the period of 2007-2014, 879 bread winter wheat accessions were characterized in terms of resistance to the most common in the Eastern Forest-Steppe of Ukraine diseases: Septoria spots, brown powdery mildew and brown leaf rust. 9 varieties-standards with different expression levels of the resistance trait were chosen for more efficient and reliable differentiation of accessions by resistance to leaf diseases. Twenty four bread winter wheat accessions with group resistance to leaf diseases were distinguished. Some collection accessions combine resistance with other valuable economic features, such as high productive stem density and good overwintering. Two collection varieties, ‘Meritto’ and ‘Nikifor’, significantly exceeded the standard ‘Podolianka’ by yield capacity. The selected accessions with group resistance and standards were formed in the working collection, the use of which will enhance the efficiency of winter wheat breeding for resistance to the most harmful in our region leaf diseases, and registered with the National Center for Plant Genetic Resources of Ukraine (Certificate No 187 dd 06/11/2015).


bread winter wheat, sources, Septoria leaf blotch, brown leaf rust, powdery mildew, resistance, collection, standards