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Plant Production Institute nd. a V. Ya. Yuryev of NAAS





Goal. To analyze the state of pea, chickpea and lentil seeds of different cultivars during 3-16-year storage under controlled conditions to develop recommendations for optimization of their storage.

Results and Discussion. Data on seed germinability of 86 legume accessions: Pisum sativum L. сonvar.ruminatum var. cirrosum, var. ruminatum; сonvar. vulgare  var. ecaducum, var. vulgatum; сonvar. sativum var. seminanum Govorov., var. ponderosum Alef. var.contecstum Makash.; Pisum arvense L. var. spesiosum Alef.; Cicer arietinum L.  convar. arietinum var. arietinum Sefer., var. reticulatum Pros.; convar. arieticeps (G. Pop.) Sef. var. fuscum Alef. var. rufescens G. Pop. et A. Pavl; convar.pisiforum (G. Pop.) Sefer var. eborinum. G.Pop. et A.Pavl.; сonvar. sphaerico-angulosum Sefer. var. rufum Sefer.; Cicer pinnatifidum Jaub; Cicer  judaicum Boiss; and Lens culinaris Medik. subsp. microsperma var. violascens, var. nigripunctata, var. intermadia; subsp. macrosperma var. nummularia belonging to different groups of ripeness were analyzed. Seeds were mostly grown in the Forest-Steppe and Steppe of Ukraine. Seeds were stored in the National Repository of Accessions of the Plant Gene Pool for 4-13 years (1994-2013). Pea and chickpea seeds were stored in sealed glass containers at controlled moisture content (4-8%) and unregulated temperature or in sealed compound foil packets at low positive temperature of 4oC. Lentil seeds were mostly stored at -20°C. The optimal storage regimens for grain pea, chickpea and some varieties of lentil were determined. The optimal storage regimens for vegetable pea and lentil subsp. microsperma var. variabilis, var. violascens as well as subsp. macrosperma var. glycosperma were discussed.

Conclusions. Seeds of vegetable pea сonvar.ruminatum var. cirrosum Makash. can be stored at 6-8% moisture content in seeds without changes in germinability at 4°C or at unregulated temperature for over 10 years. To store pea seeds сonvar. vulgare var. ecaducum Makash, var. vulgatum Koern. сonvar. sativum var. seminanum Govorov, var. ponderosum Alef., storage regimens in sealed containers at 6-8% seed moisture content at unregulated temperature are applicable. These regimes allow storing seeds for over 10 years without changes in germinability. For seeds of chickpea Cicer arietinum L. convar. arietinum, var. arietinum Sefer. accessions, storage modes in sealed containers at the moisture content of 6-8% and unregulated temperature are applicable. Upon these modes, seeds can be preserved without significant changes in germinability for at least 10 years. For lentil seeds subsp. macrosperma var. sicula, var. nummularia и subsp. microsperma var. subnummularia, var. iranica, var. intermedia, long-term storage at -20°C and 6-8% seed moisture content is recommended. Medium-term storage of seeds with these values of moisture content at 4oC is acceptable.


seeds, peas, vegetable, corn, chickpeas, lentils, storage, humidity, temperature